Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization increases the site’s ranking in organic, i.e. free search engine results.

The Websites I Make Rank Among the First in Google

It is important to me that your services are found, and I take that into account in every part of the site. Afterall, you won’t do anything with a beautiful website if it can’t be found! Ranking well in Google is possible without paid advertising by finding the right keywords for you and doing Search Engine Optimization with quality and passion.

The search engine visibility of websites is affected by many factors, from the speed of the site to the creation of well-thought-out content. The service providers that rank first in the search engines are the most likely to be selected. Google is still the number one search engine, and currently 82% of search engine searches are done with it. (Source:

When Will my Pages Appear in Google?

Most of the websites I have built or developed have been on the first page of Google with optimal search terms within a few weeks.Visibility can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, so patience is key.

In order to speed up search engine visibility, I create a site map which is reported in Google Search Console. In addition, I highly recommend creating a free Google Business profile. During the project, I will give you a lot of tips and advice on how your ideal customers can find you.

My Clients’ Google Visibility Without Advertising

Examples 1 and 2 are industries where there is a lot of competition and therefore Search Engine Visibility is naturally harder to achieve. Examples 3 and 4 is a few years old website vs. a recently published website which both rank exceptionally.

1. offers accommodation in Andalucia, Spain. With the search term “Accommodation Andalucia” the ranking in Google is 5th. In image search on page 1.

2. organizes husky safaris in Finnish Lapland. With the search term “Husky Safari Lapland” the ranking in Google is 6th. In image search on page 1.

3. sells handmade fudge. With the search term “fudge online”, ranking is 1st in Google. Google image search on page 1. (Note: The search is done in Finnish)

4. is a veterinarian specializing in acupuncture for dogs. With the search term “Acupuncture for Dogs” the ranking in Google is 8th. In image search on page 1. (Note: The search is done in Finnish)

Puska Creativen toimisto pakussa

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Search engine optimization starts with analyzing the current situation, keyword research and competitor analysis. In addition, it is important to identify your target group and create the content of the pages to meet their needs. What problem or service do you offer a solution for? Keywords are precisely these topics and terms used to search for services in search engines. If your company operates in a certain area, it’s good to include your areas in the text as well.

With the help of keyword research, I find out for which search terms the content of the pages should be optimized. If the keyword research is done well, it will appear as repeated terms in the content of the pages, e.g. in the menu, link structure, titles, metadata, and body text by placing keywords in the right places.

Content Production

In terms of SEO, in addition to keywords, it is essential to correctly place headings and subheadings (H1, H3, H3, H4..) and it is also ideal to add external and internal links. Content should be at least 300 words per page, and articles can have up to more than 2000 words. The paragraphs should not be too long so that the content is easy to read. I produce search engine-optimized content based on your texts and advise you on creating the right kind of content.

Update the Site Regularly

Google values regularly updated content. A blog is the right tool for this. Write about essential and important things for your services and use keywords that, if created correctly, will bring visitors to your pages regularly. I give suggestions for good blog topics using keywords, as well as search engine optimized blog texts as a model, and teach how to create search engine optimized content.

Hakukoneptimointi eli SEO

Image Optimization

Fast sites rank better in Google. 53% of visitors leave a website which doesn’t open in less than three seconds. (Source: Google). If full-size images, let alone videos, are loaded onto the website, the site is heavy and slow to open, which affects poorly in user experience and search engine visibility.

Image Size
I save all the photos in a suitable size so that the quality does not suffer. Photos must be max 300k  in size, preferably less than that. It is important to embed the videos via YouTube or Vimeo, for example, and not directly on the server. The speed of the site is primarily affected by the content of the pages.

Naming Images
I name all the images on the site thoughtfully. Google finds your photos based on their names. The names of the image should describe the image as accurately as possible using different keywords. Correctly named images do not have letters or numbers.

Content and Keywords
I will advise and help you in creating the right kind of content. The titles and body text should contain the same terms, i.e. keywords, which best describe your industry. It is important to think what terms people are using for when searching for the services you offer. If your company operates in a certain area, it is important to include your domains in the text as well.

Alt Text
I add alt texts to all images, which tell search engines what is shown in the images and thus increase search engine visibility. Alt texts are added to images manually in such a way that they describe the image as accurately as possible. It is also important to use keywords in alt texts that describe your service.

Google Prefers Mobile Optimized Websites

My websites are fully responsive, i.e. mobile optimized, and they look good on every device. Nowadays, more and more people use the internet with smartphones. Google has started ranking mobile-optimized websites even higher in its results. According to statistics 54% browse the internet on a desktop and 42% on a smartphone. (Source:

Customer feedback:

“At first, I didn’t understand how important SEO is. I had a great website, but no visitors. I watched a few YouTube videos and tried to optimize my company’s visibility on Google myself. The results were poor and I got a tip from the professionalism of Puska Creative. Thanks to this cooperation, my company took off in two months: from being unknown to the first page of Google! The effect of the SEO project can also be seen in  the increase of my company’s customers, which have doubled in the last year.

Puska Creative’s work is sharp and professional. Minna knows what works and it shows in the results of the work. Schedules are kept and communication takes place in real time. After the SEO project, we have monitored my company’s ranking in Google together. I also received instructions on how to maintain a good Google ranking. Puska Creative wants its customers to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world. From the customer’s point of view, it feels good that the service does not end when the pages are optimized, but that Minna is interested in the satisfaction of her customers even after that.”

– Aatos,

Are you ready to be found on Google?

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