Minna Kulmala

I built myself a home and studio in a van to live my dream life in nature with my fur babies Chaos, Kaino & Kipinä.

To me it's important to work with people and businesses that share my values.

I get excited when I can be part of sharing the well-being, art, adventures and coaching offered by experts in many fields with the help of my own contribution. I started my career in my big sister's company Bhakti Creative, being involved in numerous large-scale international projects. I am also a professional photographer, and I graduated from the three-year Pekka Halonen academy in 2008, specializing in medium format film photography and color darkroom.

The views from my office are constantly changing and the equipment is charged by solar power.

Usually you can find me far away in the bush as possible,(as long as there's internet) but I’m always excited to talk to people, especially to strangers, and many people recognize me from afar because of my laugh. I've been living an ascetic life without running water and other modern conveniences over ten years and living full-time in my van since 2019. I've slept under the stars in more than 20 countries, but most of the time I've spent on mountain tops in Spain.
In my freetime you’ll most likely find me adventuring in the woods or mountains.

My mornings start with a walk with my dogs Chaos and Kaino and cat Kipinä and continues with website design, branding and search engine optimization. The days are topped by admiring the sunset or northern lights by a campfire and falling asleep listening to the concert of silence. I love nature, silence dancing, sauna, mountains, forest, solitude, building campfires, Bob Dylan, chopping firewood, and how the light hits a certain spot.


Minna Kulmala Travels the World in a Van, Where She Also Lives

"Running water seems absurd to me. The hot water coming from the tap still makes me laugh: how strange! Even the shower feels special, I'm so used to washing from a bucket. I've never stayed at a campsite, I enjoy my own peace and I don't miss social contacts. " READ MORE →

At Home Under the Open Sky

"Minna has had morning coffee in Montenegro on the edge of a canyon looking at the green Tara river winding in the valley. She has bathed in the steaming hot springs of Santa Fé in Spain. She has warmed by the fireplace of a wilderness cabin in the Italian Alps while the rain pattered on the roof, and slept under the open sky next to a clear mountain river in Croatia." READ MORE →


For the Past Five Years Minna Kulmala's Home Has Been Her Van

"The freedom to move around the world according to one's own choices and schedule attracted 30-year-old Minna Kulmala to make a radical decision in the summer of 2012. She packed not only a bed and a camping stove, but also her dog Rebel into her old Ford Transit van. The trip lasted a year and covered South, East and Central Europe. During the final stages of the trip in Spain, a homeless puppy Chaos joined the crew." READ MORE →

Minna Captures Magical Horse Life

"Photographer Minna Kulmala spent memorable moments on Rovaniemi's Ounasjoki River in 2014 and 2015. She lived on an island for a total of six months in a yurt-like tent accompanied by nine horses. Minna was able to observe the natural rhythm and herd behavior of the steppe animals that lived freely on the island, from summer heats to autumn's night frosts and first snow." READ MORE →

A Photographer Spent Two Summers Camping in Lapland with a Herd of Horses, Resulting in Unique Photos

"The fog came later than usual. Realizing what she could witness, Minna Kulmala grabbed the camera in her hand and rushed out of the tent. Wait, just a moment! Running barefeet, the cold pinched her bare toes and the thin pajamas barely protected against the cold. The horses circled the beach and pondered, who would be the first to venture into the water. In the end, the first one swam across and the rest of the her followed." READ MORE →
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